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What to expect?

I know that you have an inner knowledge that you are meant for “more”, but you don’t know how to put all the pieces together so you can finally start living your purpose and attract what you want into your life. Or maybe you’re ready to take the next step and create a bigger impact with your life. Chances are, you have so many ideas spinning through your head, that you don’t know what to focus on first. If only you could simplify everything into a clear action plan that is tailored to your true soul’s calling. If only you could understand what is blocking you from living a completely fulfilled life, and to live “on purpose”.
If that sounds familiar, then I have a special opportunity for you. I call it “From Stagnation to Action Discovery Session”. This is your chance to get my eyes (and ears) on YOUR LIFE as we laser focus on what YOU need right now. Here’s what you’ll take away from your Stagnation to Action Discovery

The Outcomes:

I’ll help you take a fresh look at your goals, discover opportunities you may not even see, and clarify the real challenges and obstacles that are getting in your way. Then, we’ll create a step-by-step action plan so you can reach your goals with clarity and confidence.
Oh, and guess what? It’s all free. Because it is my gift to you. If I think I can help you, I’ll share how I can best do that. And if I feel you’re best served by someone else, I’ll be happy to refer you (and I know some awesome people!) There is one condition though. You have to be serious about taking action and investing in yourself. That doesn’t mean it will be thousands of dollars – there are different ways I can help you. And it doesn’t mean I will even offer to work with you. It has to be the right fit for both of us. If this sounds good, then hop on this link ASAP to claim your gift.
Here's What Other People Are Saying:
I already feel a weight has been lifted after chatting with you today. You totally get me! 
"Thank you, Mother Goddess!
I already feel a weight has been lifted after chatting with you today. You totally get me!  I think it will be the most effective way for me to understand all the blockages and then we can look at coaching to get me aligned & finally raise that vibration! I've read all about vibrations but I have never been able to do anything to effectively change mine (I was too stuck in my head); now I am ready! "

- Karin Anderson
My life can be broken down to ‘before’ and ‘after’ our conversation
"I am right off the phone with Marina! You cannot even imagine the difference this consultation made in my understanding of my mental blocks. Sometimes it really helps to speak to someone who will know how to help! Thank you, Marina! My life can be broken down to ‘before’ and ‘after’ our conversation! "

- Tamar Karakozova
My call with Marina was eye opening

"My call with Marina was eye opening. She made me realize I am not aligned with my dreams & motivation. She really can make you think hard about your life to make yourself better."
- Liz  Strohmayer
Dr. Marina Kostina

Marina helps women to embrace their feminine power so they can love who they are and live their true purpose. She has trained thousands of people around the globe and has appeared on numerous platforms, such as Telemundo, USA Today, People, Chicago Latino TV, Inspira TV.
More Testimonials:
Paloma Greer, Executive Producer Inspira TeVe
I was stuck; feeling like a little hamster spinning on a wheel, going nowhere. What my results showed astonished me. We uncovered exactly why I have been stuck; I had a great damage due to a previous heartbreak and I didn’t know I still carried resentment.
I met with my love afterwards for dinner; he saw right away the new energy I was exuding. He was just as amazed as I was with the overall results; what I had uncovered about myself, what has been stopping me and it helped us BOTH understand our challenges as a couple.
Ginny Rivera
My life was not a happy one for many years..until I met my dear Marina. After I went to see her I needed time alone to take it all in. I always knew what I was, but couldn’t accept because didn’t know how to deal with certain things. Until it hit me and I got up one morning and felt different, alive, hopeful, with joy in my heart that I was lacking. I didn’t love myself enough, now I love myself and do things for me. I’m much stronger than I have ever been. Tears stopped. When I cried daily. I really love myself! Nothing bothers me anymore like it used to, I believe in myself. Marina, I do not have enough words how to thank you for making me stronger. But you know how much I Love you. Thank you for all you do and all the love and beautiful spiritual energy in your soul that you put in mine and in my heart. I adore you. Can’t wait to see you again my sweet. Love you always!!
Gabriela Reyna
Dr Marina Kostina you are amazing. Thank you for help me understand how to maximize my beautiful energy, the importance of blocking time for myself and how to dance with the Universe. I am very grateful for your help.